Monday, June 27, 2011

PAPER TONGUES @ Exhibit 320

Paper tongues - a group show curated by ranjita chaney @ Exhibit 320

participating artists : Pratul Dash, Ravi Kumar Kashi, Sachin George Sebastian, Sandip Biswas, Sunil Padwal.

About my work in Paper Tongues: -

It's been almost a year that I've been working on this idea of Metropolis and City-Planners. Being in a city and going through its changes, am in search for a reason as to why several others and myself are being attracted to the city. Even though it has a monstrous approach to people, it wears a beautiful outfit to attract everyone to live within, a sort of carnivorous plant types. The beauty you see from far is deceptive. One gets trapped within, only to feel the monstrosity of the metropolis.

In continuation to this exploration I bring to you this chaos in a camouflage of these beauties.....

( detail )
 cities as wild flowers growing up rapidly,
 looks pretty from far,
 but you come close only to realise
the suffocation and chaos happening around.

(detail) the pure act of pollination resulting in new wild flowers..

these 3 works from my previous collection was also included in this show.

Chaos Within...
torn paper collage, 10' x 10'
Sachin George Sebastian 2011

in the midst of the chaos,
we lie down feeling safe,
with all the chaos within,
to wake up our own self.

 It was quite a successful exploration to see the scale to which i can do with paper. The visual showcases a man (myself) lying down in a foetus position with all the chaos around as a womb. 


Bondhu said...


Sandeep Menon said...

Awesome Man!!!! The city as a wild flower...what a metaphor...
Just love the way you conjure up these thoughts and then translate them into beautiful paper marvels...

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