Thursday, April 24, 2014


"" below is a post that i just saw as a draft from 2012. been off the blog for a while now irrespective of continuous reminders within myself and others.. apologies.."

I had my first solo titled "Metropolis and City Planners" 
at India International Centre (IIC) and Exhibit 320 ( both in New Delhi )

The solo show at IIC was mainly the preview of my first installation "The Fall"
i felt really lucky to know that it was also the inaugural show of the art gallery at IIC 
(Thanks ishan for the best pics from the show)

 “The Fall”, signifies two aspects of the work: Firstly, the 
impending fall of humanity as imagined by the artist and
secondly, the autumnal season when, typically, trees shed 
their leaves in anticipation of a long winter.

The bare black tree branching out in all four directions is
 dotted by uninhabited block buildings, satellite and 
telephone towers. While the grown tree and the buildings 
of a progressed civilization show a mature phase of human 
development, the choice of colour and the fallen people on
 the floor around the tree point to a decline, an end of 
hope. The tree is an allegory of hope and its leafless 
state implies an end of life, unnourished by its inhabitants,
 who due to their lack of foresight have laid waste 
to themselves and that, which gave them life. Is it surprising 
to find so bleak, albeit beautiful, a vision in one so young? 
Sachin speaks in some sense of his own physical journey 
from small urban to metropolitan settlements and 
an overwhelming sense of drowning under concrete 
structures, the remoteness of urban existence 
from a natural world.

 The Fall is an early experiment in applying the machinations 
of paper engineering and pop-up bookmaking to wood but 
he remains true to the cut line and the simplified form which 
masks the arduous technicality of the works on show

        -Deeksha Nath.

the show was mostly filled with installations mainly because it was one heck of an opportunity to showcase really whatever i wanted and both the galleries were not looking at the selling part of works for a change.

and so i headed on to recreate the thoughts i live in while i make all the framed artworks.

Liberation of confinement 
 Archival paper collage I site specific installation 

R.I.P - Regression In Progression 
Archival paper collage I 96" x 320"

Also i realized, i am slowly falling in love with all the wires that runs all over the city,
making marks and dividing the sky all the time when you look up...
you have no idea where they come from, where they going...
just like all the people you see all around you in the city....  

Archival Paper Cutouts I Site specific installation

Indian Rosewood, Newspaper cutouts I 2012

this particular one is my favorite from the show..its just a really damn heavy log of wood. might be a tree that was cut to replace it with a building. hence the tree is now having the geometric form of the building, a huge immovable block right in-front of you.
 and the newspaper cut out as people.. 
aahh... i love that texture and colors happening with people from all over the world..

Without Consent
mdf cutouts, automotive paint I 2012

and some other works tht happened in 2012...

this last image with the blue backdrop was an exploration... i really wanted to add on all the wires on poles and buildings that keep hanging everywhere. its something you cannot miss while watching that clear blue sky. but as i really feel that the work is very incomplete, i dismantled the entire piece to create some thing new.. will update soon with more images..