Saturday, July 2, 2011


sometimes when i recreate a certain feeling within,
it seems contagious ;)

above n below, some upcoming work in process


"Chaos Within.."
10' x 10', 2011
torn archival paper 

yups.. the one i made for the paper tongues was not on archival.
it was an exploration. but for the final, i had to recreate the installation in archival paper.

when a lot of chaos is been created,
i spend time to explore the beauty of conceptless
the exercise keep me continuously occupied as well as
make pretty good stuffs for home decor :)


Manu Martin said...

You are a absolute wonder. :) Hats off to you. Marvelous work !!!!

Mithun Jayaram said...

Incredible, Sachin!!
i've always enjoyed your work and they get me inspired to use my hands more.
keep at it!

Anonymous said...

Wow very nice .. When I first saw your work ' chaos within' I hadn't seen the title and though it should be called 'safe inside'...