Thursday, December 29, 2011


The architecture of words is mysterious; they conceal as they reveal, they fall apart and reconfigure, they constrain and they liberate. They are missing links and they are empty spaces. In all these paradoxes, they are the story.


Exhibit 320 | F-320, Lado Sarai, New Delhi

The immediate recollection of a use of text came with my early morning tea from the newspaper I just picked from outside the door. Almost completely covered with text, it was covering a lot of stories happening all around us. The second thought was that of how the entire city is waking up with it, making the day better, worse or least affected by the same. These multiple stories kept getting stacked at the corner of a room. Those stacks represented the whole set of events that happened in the past few months. Like a diary of the nation, n bits from all over the world. Many stories disappeared half way through until someone new digs it up. Many stories were of catastrophes all around the world, n many led to the destruction as well as creation of many individuals and groups. Though our name n details are not there, somewhere or the other, they made it up as part of our lives. They kept getting stacked in layers like the building we see around us, the building we live within. These buildings just kept growing day by day like the stacks of paper in the corner of a room. N within these stories we live. We manage to figure our lives through the narrow lanes that are created from the shadows of these stories. I present you the very first thought/ a feeling that passed me while being through these multi-story bombardments of text, which was lying right next to that cup of tea.


 2011 , (60" x 27" x 54"- approx)
Newspapers, resin, coffee table,
coffee cup & a broken saucer

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sunday, October 30, 2011

From Delhi, To Mumbai, with lots of love...

 From Delhi, To Mumbai, with lots of love...

just got some pics from my dearest friend/co founder of 
manta ray comics, pratheek george thomas aka pgt..
A lill piece of under water for manta ray's to swim around 
in mumbai comic con express. Job Done!

 really enjoyed how it came out in mumbai.. 
 (also really missed being there...)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Manta Ray Comics @ Comic Con Express Mumbai

did the backdrop for the manta ray stall at 
comic con express, Mumbai

it was fun working on it since its a lot of colors n the brief 
was to create an 'under water scene' out of paper. 
size: 16 ' x 8 '.. was a big factor that gave me the kick to do it... ;)

Comic con is currently on in mumbai ( 22nd n 23rd Oct '11)
do drop in if ur free...

some pics from the making...

and some details.....
more updates can be seen at  


Saturday, July 2, 2011


sometimes when i recreate a certain feeling within,
it seems contagious ;)

above n below, some upcoming work in process


"Chaos Within.."
10' x 10', 2011
torn archival paper 

yups.. the one i made for the paper tongues was not on archival.
it was an exploration. but for the final, i had to recreate the installation in archival paper.

when a lot of chaos is been created,
i spend time to explore the beauty of conceptless
the exercise keep me continuously occupied as well as
make pretty good stuffs for home decor :)

Monday, June 27, 2011

PAPER TONGUES @ Exhibit 320

Paper tongues - a group show curated by ranjita chaney @ Exhibit 320

participating artists : Pratul Dash, Ravi Kumar Kashi, Sachin George Sebastian, Sandip Biswas, Sunil Padwal.

About my work in Paper Tongues: -

It's been almost a year that I've been working on this idea of Metropolis and City-Planners. Being in a city and going through its changes, am in search for a reason as to why several others and myself are being attracted to the city. Even though it has a monstrous approach to people, it wears a beautiful outfit to attract everyone to live within, a sort of carnivorous plant types. The beauty you see from far is deceptive. One gets trapped within, only to feel the monstrosity of the metropolis.

In continuation to this exploration I bring to you this chaos in a camouflage of these beauties.....

( detail )
 cities as wild flowers growing up rapidly,
 looks pretty from far,
 but you come close only to realise
the suffocation and chaos happening around.

(detail) the pure act of pollination resulting in new wild flowers..

these 3 works from my previous collection was also included in this show.

Chaos Within...
torn paper collage, 10' x 10'
Sachin George Sebastian 2011

in the midst of the chaos,
we lie down feeling safe,
with all the chaos within,
to wake up our own self.

 It was quite a successful exploration to see the scale to which i can do with paper. The visual showcases a man (myself) lying down in a foetus position with all the chaos around as a womb.