Friday, September 19, 2008

Paper cut illustration

A paper cut illustraton made for PWC with Lopez design. 
(Still don't have good images:(
work in progress
Final @ PWC Banglore
Concept is developed from their logo, Astrix (   *   ) and tag line, connective thinking.
 Used MC Escher's morphing and multiple perspective 
concept to depict it.
The centre astrix morphs to different elements and merges 
into the illustration which has same island shown 
from three different points of view.
The illustration was worked at the scale of 1:8 and hence was super intricate to work on. The dragon fly u see in the first image will come inside a nail size.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Christmas Dream

The very first book i started working on, well... 
the same story, but the quality jus getting lill better.
The story goes on as a narrtion of a small kid about his adventures during Christmas time.
last page, wher the kid reaches home.