Friday, June 24, 2011

"The Untitled's" :- from the series -Metropolis and City Planners

some of works i have done
from my last years group show "circa - part 1" till this year's.
there's so much more to be done in this series,
but i guess things will happen on its own time n space.. 

The above two are 5' x 5' in size.
It was quite some task to cut out each of the people and building n
the rest of details within. but the sight of framed artwork
 right in front makes it all worth.
Trust me watching them in real scale n texture
is nothing like what you seeing now.

do click on the images for a larger view ;)

 below, four of them are just further explorations
on a smaller scale, (3'x3'),
u can see that slowly the consequences of metropolis and city planners
- chaos, deforestation and pollution hubs etc are slowly crawling in..
the artworks are currently showcased at Exhibit 320, Lado Sarai, New Delhi

coming very soon..
( sorry about the delay, I've been quite busy n still collecting good images from the show..)

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